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"Wine is life itself" said the Roman writer Petronius. This is a quote that the people in Corcova hold dear. For the Roy & Damboviceanu team, wine means continuing a tradition with the flavour of noblesse and adventure, but also work, investments, risk; it means a beautiful life, with history appreciated at its true value and a future built every day, aspiring to match the past.

The legacy of great writers who visited or wrote about Corcova - Martha Bibescu, Marcel Proust, Anatole France or Mihail Sebastian - are reflected in the company's interest in arts: dance, choreography, writing, photography, music are only a few of the areas that Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu chose to support.


Michel Roy, partner

Helping Corcova regain its name and the people resume their jobs meant more for Michel Roy than going for a fast and sure profit.

Gradually, at the same time with market surveys, visits to the most important cities of the country and talks with authorities, Michel Roy became attached to the people and places he encountered. Thus, although the plans of the French group were not finalized, Michel Roy had spent the time required in order to understand the Romanian spirit and the decision to invest in a business here was a natural result.

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Serban Damboviceanu, partner

"I was always convinced of Romania's wine-growing potential and I often regretted that Romanian wines are not known abroad. My intention is to make an excellent Romanian wine."

Through Corcova, Serban wants to build something long-lasting, something to leave behind and that speaks for itself about the values of these lands to those who will follow. His goal is to shape both present and future for this place and its e people, by producing the Corcova wine, which bears the sap of past in its structure. Now, they can find a stable work place at Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu, in an environment where one can find a culture of honesty, dedication to work and passion for the ideal of perfection.

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Laurent Pfeffer, technical director

"We have always tried to be the ones that adapt themselves to nature, both by working in as less invasive manner as possible and by limiting phyto-sanitary interventions. This is not always easy to achieve, but I did not hesitate in putting my entire financial and human efforts in order to succeed."

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